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Help celebrate green leadership in Virginia by hosting a USGBC VA Awards Watch Party!

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

USGBC Virginia is looking for organizations willing to host in person watch parties for our statewide 2022 Community Leader Awards celebration on Wednesday, November 16, from 4-5:30 pm. The online awards ceremony will run form 4-5 pm, and would be followed by a half hour of networking at the watch party location.

In person watch parties provide a space for local green professionals to connect and expand their networks. Hosting a watch party is a great way to highlight your organization's commitment to sustainability to a targeted audience. Considerations, benefits, and other information for potential hosts can be found below. Please contact Terrie Clifford if you are interested or have questions.

Hosting on November 16, 2022, 4:00PM-5:30PM ET (Awards 4:00PM-5:00PM)

Event Website:

Ticket Sales by USGBC – Members - $15, Non-members - $20


  • The organization is willing to allow attendees from outside the organization

  • The organization is willing to cover minimal food/drink available at the event (example: pretzels and beer).

  • Please consider allergies and vegetarian considerations.

  • The organization has a meeting space and a computer/monitor system/internet connection to play and show the awards ceremony live for attendees to see.

  • A designated Point of Contact for all event planning.

  • Willingness to report the total watch party attendance to USGBC following the event.

Decisions for the Organization

  • How many people will be allowed at the location?

What USGBC Virginia will Provide

  • The organization will be listed in the registration page (Eventbrite)

  • The organization’s logo will be displayed on the event website (

  • USGBC will provide the list of registrants for the watch party ahead of the event

  • Will provide social media recognition (One promotion on community LinkedIn page)

  • Acknowledgement during the program as a Watch Party host

  • Run of Show will be provided when hosting is confirmed

Preferred Locations

  • Richmond

  • Virginia Beach

  • Charlottesville

  • Roanoke

  • We will consider other locations where there is interest.

Tentative Run of Show

  • 90 minutes total time

  • Welcome Remarks – USGBC Virginia

  • Keynote Speaker

  • Awards Presentation

  • On-site Networking

Disclaimers: USGBC will promote the watch party through our newsletters, event pages and social media. We cannot guarantee attendance at any location. USGBC reserves the right to change in-person locations to be cognizant of COVID-19 health and safety requirements.

Thank You for Your Consideration!

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